Barcelona is in the top 10 graffiti art destinations worldwide. While there are 100s of pieces we can talk about, this little list consists of 6 of our favourite street artists and street art pieces that you can find in Barcelona. For more, play any of our Barcelona games and discover wicked art!


You’ll find these curious cans all around Barcelona, just lift your head up and start hunting for the recycled beer cans and their messages painted on them. The artist is still a mystery since he or she have kept his or her identity a secret. Or could it be two people working together, who knows? The messages are always in Spanish and the they are usually optimistic and romantic. Play a game to unlock the best cryptic cocktails places in Gracia or our healthy food route.
Neighbourhoods: Raval, Gracia & Barceloneta


El Raval, a street art lovers’ heaven. This open-air art gallery its known also for its outstanding architecture. You’ll find art done by multiple artists from world-famous to lesser-known creators, who want to showcase their own unique styles. This neighbourhood is totally worth a visit if you’re into urban art! Try our Raval: a naughty and sinful riddle route to uncover more local secrets.
Neighbourhood: El Raval


El Pez is a world-famous street artist from Barcelona. He’s been decorating the streets of Barcelona since 1999 and today his recognisable fish characters can be found globally, from London to Bogota and beyond. Enjoy spotting his art on your city adventure!
Neighbourhood: El Poblenou

4. H101

H101 is a globally known graffiti artist. He started making outdoor art in 2002, kicking off with political pieces, but then dedicating his art to less argumentative pieces for the past 10 years. His work is easily recognisable by its mix of psychedelic and tribal forms along with abstract shapes. Would you like to uncover more wicked street art? Play our Barcelona old city game.
Neighbourhood: El Born/El Gotic


La Carbonería is an abandoned coal factory, in the Eixample district. On the front facade, it has a huge mural of a hot air balloon. The building used to be one of the most famous squats in the city, but in 2014 the police evicted the residents. The building was scheduled to be demolished. Luckily, the city council reconsidered and re-categorised it as being of historic and artistic interest. Nowadays, it’s one of the most photographed murals in Barcelona!
Neighbourhood: Eixample


This beautiful piece is our personal favourite in Barcelona. This wall is located in the most historic neighbourhood of Barcelona, …. It’s definitely worth to visit and admire the outstanding blend of old and new.
Neighbourhood: El Gotic

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