Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we get asked every now and then (faqs). If you cannot find an answer to your question below, email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do I need to book in advance? Can I start the walk right away?

You can start the discovery walk as soon as the unique link arrives to your inbox – and up to 3 full months later. Once you arrive at the starting location, click that link to open the web app on your phone and start your discovery walk. On the page of your selected game you will find any further information about recommended days/times to play or any time restrictions (just to make sure all secret places are accessible when you play).

Are there specific times I can go for a discovery walk?

Most of our walks are available to play any day during daylight. On the page of your selected discovery walk you can find information about recommended days/times to play or any restrictions (just to make sure all secret places are accessible when you play).

Do I have to finish the discovery walk on the same day?

No pressure, just enjoy (re)discovering cities at your own pace. In case you get carried away exploring newly discovered places on the route, or if the weather is not great and you decide to relax in a cosy cafe, it’s possible to continue your walk where you left off until 14 days from the day you started.

Will the Secret City Trails web app work on my phone?

If you have a smartphone with an Internet browser and access to the Internet, you’re good to go. All our discovery walks are played via our web app, no download is required. Simply open the unique link in the web browser on your smartphone. Mobile data is needed, approximately 2MB per game is used. Costs per MB vary depending on which provider you’ve teamed up with.

How many people can play together?

Now that’s a social attitude we like! We recommend playing in groups of up to five people. If you’re a larger group, just split in teams and enjoy some friendly competition! For example, if you’re a group of eight, buy two discovery walks (you will receive two unique links), split in two teams of four and share one link with each group.

If we play in multiple groups, will we follow each other?

Groups usually separate quickly as people solve riddles at their own pace, however we do recommend starting a trail at 5-10 minute intervals if you want to be certain you won’t follow each other.

Do we all have to look at one phone when we play?

Not at all! Once you hit the start button, you’ll have an option to share a special link, so everyone can read riddles and stories on their own phones. Just make sure to select one person to enter answers. As you move on to next riddles, the web app updates on all screens. Also it’s good to share the link to the web app if your battery is running low!

How much does data cost?

When playing a discovery walk via our web app, you need to use a little bit of your mobile data (around 2MB per game). Prices differ per network provider. Great news for all of you using a European provider as data prices in Europe are now the same as in your country of residency, apart from some exceptions. Yay!

What happens after I give you my money?

The light in our office instantly changes into ‘90s disco mode. Bomfunk MC’s ‘Freestyler’ blasts through the speakers and we all showcase our top breakdance moves from the tutorial videos that we watch together during lunch. What type of strut goes better with an urban adventure than streetdance? So bust a move while awaiting that adventurous letter to enter your inbox! It caught some momentum from one of our head spins, so it should be there before you’re able to rap the first verse of the song mentioned before.

What if it turns out this experience is not for me?

Local stories will remain untold, secrets will still be hidden, but if you decide our city discovery walks are not something you enjoy all that much, we will give you a 100% refund provided you haven’t solved more than three riddles (and as they say, often third time’s a charm!). Just drop us an email to and we’ll take it from there.

Are you paid by the cafes and shops along the trail?

We do not take any type of commission from the places that we recommend – we simply think they are great and want you to discover them too! 🙂

We want to organise a special event and play a customised experience. Can we set this up?

Yes, we absolutely can! Please check our team building page or email us to discuss the options. We’d love to get creative together!

How do I stay updated about new discovery walks?

Our cheers and hoorays from celebrating a new playful trail do echo between the colourful buildings even a few blocks from our office. But if you’re further away than that, we recommend following us on Facebook and Instagram or joining our mailing list.

How can I get involved?

There are several ways you can join our playful community! First, you can become a creator in your city. We’re regularly looking for people to test our (new) walks too. Send us an email to find out more.

How do I bring Secret City Trails to my city?

Very simple! Create a discovery walk in own city. How exciting is that?

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Find our Terms & Conditions here.

What’s your favourite thing to play except city discovery walks?

Oh, there are so many! We love playing CityGoose games in the Netherlands and Belgium. 


Thank you for taking your time to read our Frequently Asked Questions (faqs). We hope to have answered all of your questions. Is there still something unclear or you want clarification on our faqs? Don’t hesitate to reach out at 

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