how to


Solve a trail of riddles on your phone.
Unlock hidden gems, stories and local recommendations.

4 easy steps…

to unleash your inner Indiana Jones!

1. Book

All our games are created by locals. Choose your adventure. After check out, you’ll receive a link to your game via email.

2. Ready, set, go!

The starting point of your riddle game is found in the email. Tap that Play button and the game magically opens in your phone’s browser!

3. Find secrets

As you solve each riddle you wander from one hidden gem to the next. Enjoy them, as well as our stories and recommendations.

4. Win!

Play for the fastest time and get listed on our leaderboard. Or, take your time and share your best adventure photo! Both might lead to a free game.*

Who can play?

Anyone with a curious mind.


Both swiped right? Whether it’s your first or 124th date, trade the bar for a city discovery game.


Whether it’s to celebrate together – or to see a new city in a playful way.


Spend quality time with your family while playing games… What else?


Play increases creativity and improves collaboration. Get outside together!


A few rules to play by…

Answer correctly

This is your ultimate goal! Answering correctly unlocks the next riddle, a story and recommendations!

Answer incorrectly

Remember what Edison said about his light bulb: “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” A wrong answer is a step towards the right one, and there’s no penalty (time) for trying as many answers as you need/want.

Ask for a hint

No light yet? Ask for a hint. It will get you (nearer) to the location where you can find your answer. Asking for a hint will add 10 minutes of ‘penalty time’ to your overall completion time. For no extra penalty time you can also see the location on the map!

Skip if you’re really stuck

If you’re really stuck or lost, you can choose to skip a riddle. This will add 20 minutes ‘penalty time’.

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