How it works

Solve a trail of riddles, discover local hidden gems, get playful and be in the moment.

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4 easy steps

Book your game

Book your urban adventure online & receive an email with a unique link to play. Check your spam or promotions folder, it might be hiding in there!

Ready, set...

The starting point of your game is revealed the email. Stretch that riddle crackin’ muscle, practice a few high fives and make your way to the spot!


Open the email link in your smartphone’s browser and tap ‘Play Now’ to receive your first riddle. Let the adventure begin!

Enjoy your discoveries

Search for answers to our riddles on charming streets, hidden courtyards, beautiful alleys, unknown galleries and even lovely shops and cafes…

Who can play?

Play together, or on your own… All you need is a curious mind! Both locals and travellers love our games.

Gather your friends and play together. Whether it’s to celebrate (maybe the washing machine didn’t eat your favourite socks, woohoo!) or to do something different in your own, or a new, city.

A family challenge is always fun (unless it gets too competitive!). Who came up with the answer to the third riddle? Unfortunately, we can’t tell. But we do know that it’s better debated while enjoying some team celebration drinks. (Our favourite? Hot cocoa with a pinch of chili.)

Did you both swipe right? Plato famously said that you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation. So on your next date, trade the bar for a city discovery game!

Playing games increases creativity, improves collaboration and boosts productivity… Clearly that makes playing a city discovery game for your next team day out a no-brainer!

During the game


Answer correctly (yay!)

Answer correctly and unlock the next riddle, as well as stories and recommendations to cafes, bars, shops and more. We don’t take any commission, we just love ’em.

Answer incorrectly

We always encourage trying! You may submit as many incorrect answers as you need. Remember what Edison said about his light bulb: “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” A wrong answer is a step towards the right one, and there’s no penalty time for trying.

Ask for a hint

No light yet? Ask for a hint. There’s one hint for each riddle and it will get you (nearer) to the location where you can find your answer. Asking for a hint will cost you 10 minutes of ‘penalty time’.

Skip if you're really stuck

If you’re really stuck or lost, you can choose to skip a riddle. This will result in 20 minutes ‘penalty time’ – it will be added to your overall time. We do recommend always asking for a hint first, so that you’re in the right location to continue playing!


Yeah, go on and book your city discovery adventure!