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Looking for an activity that is great for collaboration,
superb for socialising, boosts team spirit and sparks creativity?

How does it work?

It’s easy, fun and affordable.


Select your game

Select the city and game that best fits your team building activity. If you’re a group of 50 people, playing in teams of 5, simply buy 10 games. You’ll receive one email per game, each contains a link to access the game.

Create teams of 5

Form teams and appoint one team captain per team. Send each team captain the email (which you received upon purchase) to access the game.

Play time!

Time to solve riddles and explore the city! We recommend starting off in 3 to 5-minute intervals so that teams are better spread. As soon as teams tap the play button in the web app, their time starts ticking.

Celebrate the winners!

Each team is timed. By the end of the adventure you can see which team solved all riddles the fastest! Celebrate their achievement together.

Teams who’ve played with us…


Secret City Trails is more than just a game. It is a magical and incredibly fun tool that takes team bonding to another level. Playfulness is at the core of good human connections, as well as being able to solve challenges together. This is an opportunity, where we can leave our egos aside and become children again in the most literal sense. Secret City Trails creates real, long-lasting friendships and I can only say that it is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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Julia – Managing Director of Kairos Summit

Played in Barcelona with group of 150 Summit participants

“Great for bonding”

Secret City Trails is an affordable and dynamic tool that helped in bringing our programme participants together and showing them a bit of the city and its history at the same time. It was a huge success amongst the participants who got to know their teammates that much better while seeing a side of Lisbon they had not experienced.

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Shannon – Programme Manager, Startup Lisboa

Played in Lisbon with group of 30 event participants

“A fully customised experience”

For our annual team building in Amsterdam, where we had 120 senior directors playing a custom made route. We started in the Pestana Hotel by the Amstel and the game took us all over the city, ending in the centre where we took a boat that brought us back. Together with the riddles, we added stories about Pestana! It was very well created and we recommend it other groups that want something different and fun!

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Leonor – Group Coordinator, Pestana Hotels

Played a custom game with 120 people in Amsterdam

Create a unique experience with us

Incorporate branded stories – or follow a custom route

During our city games teams collaborate, get to know each other better and work their creative muscle. Want to add something extra? Great! We do fully customised routes, stories and riddles. We can also customise existing routes/games by adding stories about your brand.

We’ve also created museum discovery experiences and worked with brands to playfully engage their customers. Whatever customisation you’re looking for, get in touch!

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