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A sneak peek of what you will explore during our games...

Dutch Architecture

Discover the beauty of Dutch architecture. Modern, traditional or miniature. When playing with us you’ll also unlock secrets about some of city’s most famous buildings.

Surprising Museums

Amsterdam has more than 75 museums! On our city discovery adventures, you find free art galleries and impressive buildings that are home to, for example, Tropenmuseum and the world famous Hermitage.

Hidden Green Spaces

Amsterdam hides many unusual green places where locals go to relax. During our games, you explore famous and lesser-known courtyards, tiny and larger parks – as well as the greenest cafes and restaurants.

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Go local

All games are made by locals. By the curious for the curious!


Discover the best hidden gems and unlock cities' stories.

It's FUN!

Playing a city discovery game and solving riddles will bring you joy!

"Absolutely brilliant!"

This was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time. It really shows interesting places and it’s a super fun way to explore a city.

See review on Tripadvisor.

Roselyn - played with friends

"Great fun!"

If you like the little things in life, then Secret City trails is right for you! Although having lived in Lisbon for many years, the game showed us hidden gems that we didn’t know yet!

See review on Facebook.

Lisa - played with her boyfriend

"Perfect for the whole family"

We have done a few games in several cities and it’s been pretty fun. Cheap and the kids love it!

See review on Google.

Mats - played with his family

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