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By participating in Secret City Trails experiences you agree that neither Secret City Trails nor any person associated with us will be liable to you or any other participant for any direct or indirect damages that arise in any way. You agree to communicate this liability to any person that you invite to participate in Secret City Trails experiences.

Most of our Discovery Walks, Walks & Talks, Photo Walks and Wonder Walks take you through the urban jungle. Make sure to look both to the left and right before stopping for that incredible photo. Pinkie promise?


Nobody likes a spoiler! The fun in going for our Discovery Walks s lies in solving location-based riddles. Tell your friends about your experience (brag if you played great, we won’t judge), but don’t tell or share the secrets.


All content included on this site and all information (riddles, hints, stories and recommendations) we’ll send to you via our web app, text messages or email is copyright of Secret City Trails.

Use of Photos

If you took great photos while enjoying any of Secret City Trails experience and would like to share them with us, email hi@secretcitytrails.com – we would love to share them on our social media with your permission. Personal information is subject to our privacy policy.


We want you to have the best time possible enjoying our experiences, but we also understand that circumstances sometimes can change quickly. Few people enjoy being soaked unless diving into crystal clear water or jumping into a hot shower. So, if you’re about to start your experience and the sky opens up, summon your group another day. If it’s pouring down, you prefer a museum over an outdoor adventure – and you’re leaving the country – reach out to us for a refund, given that you haven’t solved more than 3 riddles. After your team has solved the third riddle, we’re no longer able to give you a refund.

Regardless of what happens, do reach out to us if you’re not able to continue your experience. We’ll do what we can to help out.

Discount Codes & Promotions

Every now and then we open our promotions treasure chest and look for nice discount codes to share with some lucky curious people out there. If you come across such a precious secret (aka coupon code), just enter and apply it in checkout and the discount will be applied to your order. Only one discount/promotion code can be applied per order. The promotions and discount codes do not apply to gift cards, bundles, teasers and Mystery Walks unless stated otherwise.

Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love a gift card? When you treat a special someone, they can spend credit available on their gift card on all Secret City Trails experiences. If they have any credit left after the purchase, it can be used another time – the equivalent of the remaining credit will be applied to their order once they enter their secret code from the gift card again. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards, bundles, Wonder Walks subscriptions and cannot be used in conjunction with discount codes. You have one-year validity on the gift card vouchers.


With our bundles the more you play, the less you pay! Your unique codes for claiming multiple experiences cannot be used to buy other bundles, gift cards, Wonder Walks and cannot be used in conjunction with promotions and discount codes. You have one year validity on the bundles. 


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