Known for its beer and its bratwursts, Munich is a beautiful and vibrant city located conveniently in Central Europe. With plenty to discover off the beaten track, local tips are priceless. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone in Munich, we’ve got you covered. Introducing our wonderful game builders…

Our Munich game builders Raymond and Max are international friends, English and Dutch, who used to work as snowboard & ski instructors and now make a living in tourism and travel. They live in the Alps outside of Munich, which they say is peaceful and beautiful and has the added benefit of easy access to a big city. They have their own tour company, which means they love exploring new places and meeting new faces!

Hey, guys! Or actually… how do you greet a friend where you live?


You’ve built an amazing game in your city. How come you know all those incredible secret spots and fascinating local stories?
Munich has been our favourite getaway for many years now and we come here at least once a week. Meeting and befriending locals resulted in us getting to know the city inside and out. This all started about 9 years ago. We are guides and like to show people around. I think this lies in our blood and whenever we show someone around in Munich, the guide in us takes over.

As guides you must make a lot of new discoveries! What’s your most recent one?
Our trail takes players past a little Italian place called Eatily and I found out that they sell very good pizza. But to stay more on topic, we’ve been discovering all the open beer gardens. Now it’s nearly summer there are so many lovely places to grab a beer and a sausage.

What’s your favourite meal of the day and where do you go to make that meal extra indulgent? What’s your top pick from the menu?
There is two that come to mind.

Munich is famous for their Weißwurstfrühstück (White Sausage Breakfast) and this must be on anyone’s list to try. A Weißwurst, together with a Bretzl (Pretzel) and of course a 0,5L Weißbier is a staple dish. You can even get this at the airport, where they have their own brewery on site as well.

And the second one, the actual favourite is the Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle). A roasted Pork Knuckle that comes with a typical sauce and usually with a Knödl. Not really sure how to translate that, but I always name it a Dough Ball.

A group of friends are visiting in your city; where should we take them to fall in love with Munich?
There is one more hidden gem which lies just outside of the centre and this is the English Garden. This is a huge park where you can go for a walk, a beer and you can even go surfing here. Yes, actual wave surfing on the Eisbach. The locals come year all year around (yes also in Winter!!) to surf. And even if you don’t know how to surf yourself it is still a pretty cool sight to watch.

And once the friends’ visit is over and we need to catch up with some chill time, where do we go?
English garden again! In the summer of course, but find a spot on the grass to lay down or sit. When it is sunny, this is the nicest place to be.

What’s the most recent picture of Munich you took and what’s the story behind it?
Definitely the Peterskirche. This look-out platform gives you the best panorama view over the city in all directions. Side note, you have to climb a lot of stairs to get there but it’s completely worth it. When we climbed it we had the problem of being quite hungover as well, but that’s because Munich offers some very good nightclubs too!

One last question, but no spoilers, please! What’s your favourite riddle on the trail you’ve built there?
My favourite riddle on the tour has to do with the biggest surprise that Munich gave me as well. Munich has had many Kings in the past and the chances are that you as a tourist could maybe only name one, or none (no hard feelings). But I can assure you, our trail leads up to the one world famous King who’s name you have definitely heard before.

Ready to enjoy Munich like a local?

It’s gonna be fun.