Looking for an original and alternative city break destination? We’ve got you! We’ve turned cities all over Europe into playgrounds so we know our way around. Here’s our favourite destinations for an unusual getaway!


Go to Cologne if you want tasty beers and bratwurst (sausage). As a bonus you’ll get incredible architecture, history, water-side walks, hipster brunch spots and nice scents (yep, it’s in the name!). Make your city break extra fun and play our game to discover all those things and more!


Fairytale vibes? Tick. Fab views? Tick. Fantastic foodie spots? Tick! Explore beautiful Bratislava. Enjoy walks along the Danube. Green spaces + all of the above. What are you waiting for? Go on a scavenger hunt and make some unforgettable memories!


Any history buffs out there? This is the city trip destination for you! Discover authentic stories of people, art, and the tales of blue ceramics – all in one cute little city. Try something different and go on a walking tour with a twist to wander through charming alleys and spot flying cows!

Ready to unlock more hidden gems?

It’s gonna be fun.