Delft: secret alleys & blue ceramics

created by Vera & Jasper
3 reviews


Explore the cobblestone streets and bicycle-filled canals of one of Holland’s most amazing city centres! Discover local bars, enjoy historical sights, behold weird street art and dodge the many cyclists. Unlock the stories of the Delft city centre – and recommendations to our favourite spots – all while you solve 13 riddles on your phone.
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13 riddles.
2 – 3 hours.

Start in the main hall of Delft Train Station..
End on The Beestenmarkt.

Highlights: New Church of Delft, Street of Vermeer, charming Dutch canals, the picturesque market square and the old city gate!

Play everyday, all day, but recommended during daylight hours.


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3 reviews for Delft: secret alleys & blue ceramics

  1. Marballous

    no comment
  2. Sanik

    Lovely, intelligent, fun

  3. Britain’s Brightest

    Very difficult

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