Visiting the city of 7 hills for only 48 hours? With so many things to do and see, it’s not easy to make a choice that’s a perfect mix of must-see sights as well as hidden, alternative places. Below you find a 24-hour route, also known as day 2 of our adventure! Day 1: Historical Wonders is a great itinerary too!

Start today’s route at Baixa-Chiado and finish in the fancy Príncipe Real neighbourhood. Your budget for the entire day (10 hours of discoveries!) including lunch and dinner is approximately 45€ per person.

10am: Enjoy the view from the Santa Justa Elevator

Start this day by enjoying the experience of taking this 45m-of-height elevator. Take in the panoramic views over the historic centre of Lisbon. This elevator was designed by Raoul de Mesnier du Ponsard, a former apprentice to Gustave Eiffel (of the Paris Eiffel Tower!), and was built in 1902 under the premise of helping Lisbon residents navigate through the various height levels of the “the city of 7 hills”. Price to enjoy the view, 5€.

11am: Walk down Rua Augusta towards the famous Triumphal Arch

Stroll down the pedestrian shopping street that connects Rossio to the Praca do Commercio, Commerce Square. At the end of the street you’ll find the Arch of the Augusta Street. You can admire the beauty from down below or decide to go up to the top and enjoy a breathtaking view over the square, the Baixa district, Lisbon’s Cathedral, St. George’s Castle and the Tagus River. It’s among the best views in Lisbon. The price starts at 2,5€ per person and includes an exhibition about the history of the arch!

11:30am: Take in the vibes of Terreiro do Paço (Commerce Square)

It would be a shame not to pass by this open square, now during daytime. Its view towards the Tagus river, the statue (with its elephants), the lines of the pavement… Take it all in.

12pm (noon): Head to Pink Street

This is a very popular street by night! A mix of locals and visitors to the city gather here in the evenings and late at night. Enjoy it while it’s quiet and check back during the evening. One of our favourite cocktail bars is nearby, Pensao Amor. We recommend ordering an Albertina, mouthwateringly good!

12:30pm: Eat lunch at Cantinho do Avillez

Amongst Lisbon’s top foodie spots, definitely check out the local cuisine in the very well-known restaurant owned by the Michelin awarded chef, José Avillez. It’s a foodie favourite. It does come at a price. Relax and enjoy!

Price for lunch? 25€ per person. And it’s recommended to make a reservation.

2pm: Sip some (strong!) coffee at Brasileira Café

A Brasileira is a well-known coffee shop in downtown Lisbon. It’s considered the birthplace of modernism and close connected to some of the most important personalities of the Portuguese cultural history. Take the opportunity to take a photo with Fernando Pessoa, the famous Portuguese poet!

A cup of coffee (espresso) will cost you 1€.

2:30pm: Have a pastel de nata at Praça Luís de Camões

The best pasteis de nata in Lisbon are found at Manteigeria! Just off the square you’ll find one of their shops. The only thing on offer are pasteis and coffee. Order one of the tasty custard tarts and take it to-go, eat it while taking in the hustle and bustle of Praça Luís de Camões. Praca Luis de Camões is named after one of the greatest poets in Portuguese history, Luis de Camoes.

From here, start our Bairro Alto game! This riddle adventure will take you to these next spots recommended below and more! 

3pm: Enjoy a view of the castle from Miradouro S. Pedro de Alcântara

This miradouro is another of our favourites. Essentially these 48 hours take you to the best viewing points of Lisbon! This one has two different levels, explore them both! From each you get brilliant views of St. George’s (Sao Jorge) Castle and Sé Cathedral. Enjoy!

4pm: Time to see some green: go to the romantic Príncipe Real gardens

Head further up the road and stop at the gorgeous gardens. Relax in the shade or have a drink or snack at the kiosk. Bonus tip: check out the water reserves and tunnels in the middle of the park (limited access but worth it for a truly unusual experience!)

Want to know more about the gardens and its surrounding areas? Play our Bairro & Principe Real game.

5:30pm: Enjoy the wonderful Botanical Garden

If you’re a lover of botanic gardens, don’t miss this one! Take your time and enjoy wandering around. The entry will cost you 3€, it’s worth it. Keep in mind that The Botanical Garden closes at 8pm in Summer, between October and March, it will be closed by 5pm.

Are gardens your thing? Here’s a list of our favourite Lisbon parks and gardens.

7:30pm: Have a tapas and wine dinner at Tapas Bar 52

End the day while enjoying some Portuguese wine and the classic tapas (finger food). We love is Tapas Bar 52, located right here in Príncipe Real. Food + wine will cost you around 15€ per person. Alternatively check out the garden of In/Out Hostel and try their samosas!

9:30pm onward: Still up for more? Head back to Pink Street again

Wander your way down through Bairro Alto back to Pink Street. If you’re a “party-goer” or simply don’t want to end the day just yet, this is a great place to enjoy a drink! Grab a beer or two, or have a boogie inside the bars. If a club is what you’re looking for, try Lux! Keep in mind that the Portuguese usually go out between Thursdays and Saturdays, from 11:30pm. Clubs only get busy from 2am.  


Written by locals Mafalda Monteiro and Inês Almeida.

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