Welcome to our guide to Lisbon’s green spaces, from small city gardens to vast lush green parks, we’re here to help you enjoy the sunny Portuguese weather outdoors. Here is our list of the 5 Best Parks and Gardens in Lisbon.  


This romantic garden was laid out in 1863 to provide an urban refuge for young couples to sit under the (now) gigantic cedar tree. The garden is surrounded by elegant mansions and even a palace! It’s a great city break spot, it has a cute café, some kiosks that provide drinks, and snacks and a children’s playground. During our Lisbon’s Bairro Alto & Príncipe Real: local hangouts and forgotten stories game you unlock more curiosities and stories about the garden and its surroundings. And if it’s your thing, join the local’s playing cards!

Neighbourhood: Misericórdia / Principe Real


This park was originally a 19th century Romantic Garden… Back in the day horse races were held here. Nowadays, it s one of the biggest green spaces nearby Lisbon’s Universities, you can relax in the sun or shade, go for a run, cycle or go for a leisurely stroll. There’s a beautiful lake here, you can even rent a small boat to row (how romantic!). 

Neighbourhood: Alvalade


These gardens were created in 1969. They’ve become the perfect place to enjoy Lisbon’s nature, you can find a lot of waterfalls, terraces, hidden pathways and an outdoor amphitheatre where there are often music, dance or theatre events. You can even bump into some animals. There’s also a wonderful museum filled with art that is best accessed through the gardens!

Neighbourhood: Avenidas Novas


The original name of the was Liberty Park, but it was changed when in 1903 King Edward VII visited the city to strengthen Anglo-Portuguese relations. The two main highlights are the hothouse and the greenhouse that display some fine examples of beautiful tropical plants, cacti and palms. And of course the view over the labyrinth and downtown Lisbon are pretty awesome too.

Neighbourhood: Marques Pombal


This forest is located in a mountain range that makes for the perfect gateway from the city. It offers a lot of outdoor activities in the different divided areas of the park, such as hiking, camping, concerts, performances and exhibitions. In the heart of the park, there is one of the largest architectural structures in the city, the telecommunications tower.

Neighbourhood: Boavista

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