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Cologne: Highlights & Hidden Gems (English)

created by FransGame creator and owner of Secret City Trails
80 reviews

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Want to explore Cologne in a more playful way? Our co-founders, Kristina and Wendy, created this experience for other curious humans – like you. Forget your city map and instead let location-based riddles lead you through the city. On this walk, you’ll get to know Cologne in a memorable way: through learning surprising local stories, following our food and drink recommendations, admiring stunning architectural sights and… saying ‘hello’ to dwarfs and grotesque faces (if you can spot them!).
This playful walk across Cologne sharpens your senses and encourages you to appreciate the most wonderful – and often hidden – details around you. Whether you know the city or just start exploring here, this experience gives you a perspective on discovery that will inspire your curiosity wherever you go next.
Note: Along the route, you might find some construction work and it can affect your experience. Cities are unpredictable but we think it is possible to still have a great time! 🙂 

We know you’ll love our experiences, but if this is your first, rest assured - you can solve up to three riddles and still get a full refund, or in case of the Wonder Walks - all subscription plans come with one week free trial. See our T&Cs here.

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16 riddles.
2 – 3 hours. 3 – 4 km.

Start in front of the side portal of the Roman north gate CCAA in front of the cathedral’s main entrance.
End near Rudolfplatz.

Local wonders you’ll discover on this walk include:
The impressive Gothic Cologne Cathedral.
The colourful Fish Market (Fischmarkt).
The beautiful Town Hall (Rathaus).
The Hahnen Gate on Rudolfplatz.
Our favourite local foodie spots on Aachener Street.

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80 reviews for Cologne: Highlights & Hidden Gems (English)

  1. Indesicives

    no comment
  2. PoleCat

    Good way to explore the city while also being a bit active.

  3. Sharne’s team

    A unique and great way to see the city and head off the beaten path!! Excellent

  4. Emma & Adam

    Loved it! I would highly recommend this to friends. We’ll be using this again when we travel to other cities.

  5. Sjoeties

    no comment
  6. Team wacht

    no comment
  7. Wc team

    no comment
  8. BunnyBaby

    no comment
  9. Team Kickass

    no comment
  10. Batteraofkes

    Adventurous history fun exciting modern

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