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Coimbra: Cathedrals, Kings, and Calla Lilies

created by TriciaNew York author and journalist living in Europe since 2012
8 reviews

26,00 per group (1-5 people)

Play anytime within the next 3 months

Did you know Coimbra was the capital of Portugal for about 100 years? On this self-guided walk, explore the rich history of the Alta, where the city’s centuries-old university presides majestically over the River Mondego. Discover ancient landmarks, enjoy breathtaking views, and unlock local recommendations by solving fun location-based riddles. Your journey ends on a lively pedestrian walkway filled with shops, restaurants, and cafés.
This playful walk across Coimbra sharpens your senses and encourages you to appreciate the most wonderful – and often hidden – details around you. Whether you know Coimbra or just start exploring here, this experience gives you a perspective on discovery that will inspire your curiosity wherever you go next.

We know you’ll love our experiences, but if this is your first, rest assured - you can solve up to three riddles and still get a full refund, or in case of the Wonder Walks - all subscription plans come with one week free trial. See our T&Cs here.

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14 riddles.
1 – 1.5 hours. 2 km.

Start Largo Sé Velha 4-8 (in front of Carlos Tomas)
End at Largo da Portagem 3000-387 

Local wonders you’ll discover on this walk include:
Ancient Roman ruins.
The incredible buildings of the University of Coimbra.
The Old and The New Cathedral – both magnificent in different ways.
The lush Botanical Gardens.

Play 7 days a week, starting between 9 am and 7 pm (starting any later will mean one riddle location might be closed)


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We recommend playing in a team of 1-5 people.

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8 reviews for Coimbra: Cathedrals, Kings, and Calla Lilies

  1. Cabanas

    Absolutely fantastic way to tour the city but the ticket office riddle was out of date and they were doing heavy construction on the area of the last riddle. Otherwise brilliant!

  2. Essie&Ezzie

    Nice but rainy

  3. Fuminians

    Exhilarating & adventurous

  4. Ander & Sanne

    no comment
  5. The wardogs

    Very beautifull city!!!

  6. Dijkies

    no comment
  7. Aliter Spade

    nice! Thanks

  8. Coimbrões

    Had lots of fun solving the riddles and getting to know Coimbra! Plenty of stunning views and curious parts of the campus to explore along the way!

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