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Brussels’ City Centre: The Secrets Of Place Sainte Catherine

created by Jillintegrated 'Brusseleir' and writer
22 reviews

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Are you ready to make some wonderful memories? Explore the charming streets of Sainte Catherine, one of the Flemisch neighbourhoods in Brussels’ city centre. On this self-guided walk, you will admire the beautiful Anspach fountain, stroll through the lively Rue de Flandre, discover cute cafes and antiquarians, find curious statues and spot colourful (street) art. Along the way, solve fun location-based riddles to unlock local stories and top recommendations shared by the creator of this experience Vera – an enthusiastic Brussels local of eight years.

This playful walk across Brussels sharpens your senses and encourages you to appreciate the most wonderful – and often hidden – details around you. Whether you know Brussels’ city centre or just start exploring here, this experience gives you a perspective on discovery that will inspire your curiosity wherever you go next.

We know you’ll love our experiences, but if this is your first, rest assured - you can solve up to three riddles and still get a full refund, or in case of the Wonder Walks - all subscription plans come with one week free trial. See our T&Cs here.

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11 riddles.
1-2 hours. 1-2 km.

Start at Place Sainte Catherine, in front of the (renovated/white side of) Saint Catherine church.
End your adventure at Place Sainte Catherine.

Local wonders you’ll discover on this walk include:
The vibrant Place Sainte-Catherine.
The beautiful Anspach Fountain.
Rue de Flandre’s charming buzz.
The ornate facade of Maison de la Bellone.

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22 reviews for Brussels’ City Centre: The Secrets Of Place Sainte Catherine

  1. Alma

    no comment
  2. Les 3 petits cochons

    It was funny and well done

  3. Vera

    no comment
  4. S.amigos

    Very nice! It would be nicer to have a bigger tour in the city.

  5. The koenkeloerders

    no comment
  6. Yasmine_wassim_rania


  7. Brusseliers babes

    no comment
  8. Varken Oostenbrink

    Difficult but nice

  9. SUPA supa

    no comment
  10. JOTA

    no comment
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