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Bratislava: history and mystery

created by Maria, Tomas & Zuzanalocal bloggers
75 reviews

24.00 per group (1-5 people)

Play anytime within the next 6 months

Get to admire the iconic sights of Bratislava while delving deep into its history! You will be guided through this discovery journey by mysterious rhymed riddles. Solve them and unlock the secrets of this former coronation city and its hidden treasures. Thanks to recommendations of local bloggers, you’ll visit romantic streets, engage with the city’s quirky statues and learn about its urban legends in a playful way. Spectacular views are a bonus of this trail!

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14 riddles.
2 – 2,5 hours. 3 – 4 km.

Start on Hviezdoslav’s Square, in front of the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre.
End on the Main Square.

Highlights: Hviezdoslav’s square, the famous UFO Bridge, the iconic Castle with a breathtaking view of Bratislava at your fingertips, the picturesque Old Town with Michael’s Tower and hidden narrow romantic streets!

Play 7 days a week, starting between 10.00 and 20.00 at the latest.


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75 reviews for Bratislava: history and mystery

  1. Sarah

    no comment
  2. Bolsoclan

    no comment
  3. Aylyak

    no comment
  4. Lunženy

    no comment
  5. The cunning linguist

    no comment
  6. Los manolos

    Great experience overall, we enjoyed it!

  7. Xoxo

    no comment
  8. Gina and Nalen

    Great way to see the city. Fun and adventurous

  9. We’re lost and cold

    The game is challenging but a lot of fun. Some riddles are a little unclear but overall we had a hoot!

  10. Porkie pies borracho

    no comment
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