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My design goal is to, like Robbie sings, “Let me entertain you”!

Play my Rotterdam game.



Children live in a world full of magic and mystery. I want to take you there, into a fairy-tale microcosm where only your fantasy can find the way out!

Play my Berlin adventure!



Peter Pan says “never grow up”, I say just don’t stop playing! The adventure of the unknown, the excitement of finding what you’re looking for, together with your friends. I want to take you on a playful adventure in my favourite city and hometown, The Hague.


The Hague

I am an Australian living and working in Singapore. Over the past 3 years I have enjoyed exploring every corner of Singapore, from the temples, museums and gardens to the almost endless restaurants and cafes. I love nothing more than heading out on a Sunday morning with nothing more than my MRT (train ticket) pass and my insatiable sense of adventure and fun. My first game and is located in my own backyard of Kampong Glam.


Ensuring that you will learn about the culture, history, and the incredible food scene, I had a ball creating this adventure and hope that you will come to love the area as much as I do!


As an escape room/riddle solving/scavenger hunt enthusiast that loves to travel, I’m proud to present our hidden gem city adventure of my favourite city in the world: Madrid!



As a lover of urban adventures, I’m excited to show you Sofia’s historic and modern sides. Play my first adventure here



I would love to bring more play into the every day life. With Secret City Trails you can start discovering mystery and wonder of the normal urban fabric.

Play my discovery game in Rotterdam.



As a passionate game builder, I am happy to introduce you to the following:

“People describe me as cryptical, interactive, creative, inspiring and unique,
I can be hard to find and not everybody knows about me yet,
You can explore me in a small country called The Netherlands…..

Surprise! I am the Secret City Trail in The Hague that likes to be played by you!”

Have a fun and playful day!


The Hague

I love seeking out the hidden gems and lesser-known places in the city, and sharing the local stories that bring my hometown to life.

Unlock the secrets of my city on a playful discovery adventure in London!



There’s nothing I love more than a good riddle—except maybe Madrid! My goal is to share this incredible city and its history, culture, and food with visitors, whether in person or through Secret City Trails. Take our Grand Tour of Madrid to discover it for yourself!



It’s basically as if you’d be one of my good friends coming to visit; I’d bring you to my favourite spots of the old city. Enjoy the trail and the stories, my friend!


Palma de Mallorca

Enjoy my first Venice adventure here



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