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Hi Adventurers! My name is Paul and I originally hail from Scotland. I’ve lived in London for 7 years now and I’m always coming across new and exciting things in this glorious city! I design trails as well as escape rooms – so I am a very puzzley person! Play my City trail to discover hidden gems and beautiful secret gardens in the square mile. London – especially the financial district of the City, can be very busy, so unearthing a few calm areas is very exciting!



Hello there! My name is Julia, born and raised in Madrid. I am a traveller who loves to discover the uncrowded, hidden gems during my trips and I would love to show you those places in my city. Walking narrow streets, tasting the local Madrid, learning about the history and literature through the stories. If you go on my gamified walk ‘Walking through the letters of the Literary Quarter’ you will solve riddles that will make you just a little bit native!



Hello beautiful travellers and locals! I am Miguel, the creator of one of your incredible options for an immersive gamified experience in Faro, the capital of Algarve, in the south of Portugal. I am a biologist and traveller that never goes to a city unless I get the chance to explore its hidden small streets, old buildings and get among its inhabitants and local culture, away from the most touristic routes. Although I am a northerner in this beautiful small country, I am lucky to live and work in the prettiest part of Faro for several years now and I got to know it very well. So, I want to share the best of it with you and hope you can see this town like I do – with passion!



Salut! We are Deana and Pascal, both artists in love with all things to do with art in public space. We’re from Slovakia (Deana) and England (Pascal), working in music and visual art. Enjoy our discovery walk in Prague’s art district!

Pascal & Deana


Hi, Rachel here, Rae for short 😉 What better way to immerse yourself in a new city than to have a local show you around? When I discovered Secret City Trails I was thrilled to find other like-minded travellers and folks who wanted to share the BEST part of their cities with fellow wayfinders! I have been dreaming up this game in my head for some years now, so I’m very excited to show you around my beloved neighborhood of Born in the stunning city of Barcelona— a destination that SO many visit, but so few actually get to know. I hope you’ll enjoy my game “Barcelona: Born to be Medieval!” and if you want to grab a vermut afterwards, just let me know! Saludos, Rae



Hi, I’m Kate, a historian, keen traveller and puzzle enthusiast. I grew up just outside York and returned to the city to do my PhD a few years ago. I think it’s one of the most beautiful and friendly cities in the world and I can’t wait to share it with you. Enjoy my playful walk in York!



Hola, I’m Suzie – a tour guide and the founder of “Tours in Valencia”. My passion is to help you enjoy the city I am so in love with. Let me introduce you to my favourite places, hidden gems and lots of cool facts and urban legends of Valencia. Great food, wine and coffee make me happy, so I am excited to share my culinary treasures with you! All you have to do is play this Secret City trail to unlock Valencia’s treasures!



Zdravo, I’m Sarah and I run Montenegro Pulse, a destination guide to Montenegro. I use my viewpoint as a foreigner with local knowledge to help people get the best out of their stay here and I’m excited to help you experience this unique destination beyond the guidebooks. Play my Secret Trail in Kotor to discover hidden beauties and experience the best this gorgeous destination has to offer.

Kotor (Montenegro)

Hey, I’m Greg, a playful learning fanatic and big city enthusiast. I love showing things from a different perspective to create AHA-moments in the players. That’s what I strive for here with my games, and I hope you’ll find them both fun and interesting! I lived in Belgium and Ireland, and am a big fan of Dan Brown whose books give me inspiration for my stories and riddles over and over again. Play my games and let the questions guide you! Enjoy my gamified route in Budapest

Budapest + online games

Hi there fellow adventurer, I’m Neil! I’m a playful London resident with a comprehensive knowledge of its neighbourhoods, cultures and quirks, and an enthusiasm for discovering and sharing the hidden gems beyond the guidebooks! You get to know a city in a completely different light when exploring on foot, and there’s no better way than seeing it through the eyes of a local! I’m so excited to introduce you to the vast urban playground of London, to tell you tales of its colourful history, show you the REAL hotspots, and most of all to put some fun into your visit! My South Bank game, Peckham walk, Surrey Quays route and Hampstead experience are ready and waiting for you!

London + online games

Hi, I’m Dieter from Düsseldorf, a former teacher of English and Biology and I enjoy travelling, sports and playing games. After playing a Secret City Trail during a holiday, I made my own in game in Dusseldorf


Hi, we’re Callum and Philippa, travel bloggers from Jersey! We love riddles, puns and travelling, when we finished the Munich trail, we knew that St Helier’s history would be the perfect backdrop for a game! We know that the best way to discover a city is to be shown around by a local, let us show you our home with Historic St Helier: Statues, Sailors and Soldiers.
Callum & Philippa

St Helier (Jersey)

Hi there! We’re Dora and Adam, two Budapest enthusiasts, born & raised! We also love games, puzzles and any kind of brain-teasers, whether a cryptic ad in the metro or the latest season of Sherlock. When we first tried Secret City Trails in its birthplace, Amsterdam, we immediately knew we need one for our city as well. In recent years, Budapest has become home to many activities like escape rooms or board game cafés, and we hope that our Budapest’s Castle Hill trail will be a nice addition to this trend!
Dora & Adam


Hello, I’m Katechka! An explorer who constantly discover new things. On my games, I’ll take you places you would never find on your own. Get lost and found in Prague with us and see the best views or explore the Jewish Quarter and unlock its untold stories

(Get to know some of Katechka’s local favourites in Prague on our blog)



My name is Andre, I’m a technologist and Lisbon-lover ever since I moved here in 2004. I have a weak spot for uncrowded viewpoints and rooftops of Lisbon to which I love to take friends. Be my friend and I’ll show you my favourite views. Play my rooftop riddle adventure! Or if you want a bigger adventure, play the long rooftop game and include going up the arch of Augusta. 



Hi! My name is Vincenzo and I live in Puglia with my wife Cindy 🙂 I have lived in many countries around the world (South America, Asia, US and Middle East). I love travelling and being curious so I have opened a tour operator in Puglia and Matera welcoming people who want to drive around the region with made-in-Italy cars. I have been crafting itineraries starting from the city of Bari and its old town. I warmly welcome you to visit Puglia and Matera, really cool and authentic destinations! Play my Bari city game or see the other side of beautiful Polignano!



We are Zuzana and Tomas – former local Bratislava bloggers pointing our readers in the right direction and introducing them to the must-see places and things to do in Bratislava – so they can experience the beauty of our city to the fullest. Don’t miss our games and explore Bratislava through our eyes, visit our favourite places, hidden gems and learn cool facts and urban legends about the beauty on the Danube.

Tomas and Zuzana


I came to Amsterdam as a foreign expat, but quickly decided to stick around. Want to find out why? Try my (architectural) Amsterdam adventure!



As a lover of urban adventures, I’m excited to show you Sofia’s historic and modern sides. Play my first adventure here



I am Brit and I’ve lived in the Hague for more than 10 years. I love to explore and travel, and to find out new things. So therefore I would like to help others explore my city and find unexpected things!


The Hague

Ciao ciao! I am Jessica, art historian and writer, teacher and speaker about art and cultural history in general and Rome in particular. I love to show you some of the beautiful details in the historic center of Rome and will bring you along some of Rome’s hidden secrets in my trail through the eternal city



Howdy y’all! We are Chris and Sina. Originally from the US (Chris) and a small town in Germany (Sina), Prenzlauer Berg has been our home since 2019. We love to solve riddles and explore cities in unconventional ways ourselves, so it was natural for us to want to create a trail in Berlin. Being so rich in history and full of activities, we couldn’t imagine a more fitting place for Secret City Trails. Get ready to discover some of the most popular things to do in Prenzlauer Berg and some of our favorite hidden spots. In our free time, we love checking out the culinary scene in Berlin, and can’t wait to share some of these recommendations with y’all too!

Chris & Sina


Halo to all thrill seekers, my name is Chris and I am your guide through Edinburgh’s obscure streets. I have a Master of Arts and Master of Letters in Scottish History, my enthusiasm and passion for uncovering the secrets of Scottish cities has only increased over the years and I’m ready to share them with you. Dundee and Edinburgh are two of my favourite cities in the world and I want to show you why. I hope you have fun cracking my riddles!



Hiya! We are Kieran and Kate from Liverpool. We are both locals (or ‘Scousers’) and we can’t wait to show you our beautiful city! We have created guides, maps and pub crawls locally and would love to share with you some of the hidden gems of Liverpool that we’ve found along the way. We have spent a lot of time travelling around some amazing cities in Europe, and are also lovers of games, challenges and puzzles – so Secret City Trails is the perfect crossover for us. We hope you enjoy!

Kate and Kieran


My name is Bernhard and I was born and raised in Salzburg. I have lived also for some years in
Italy but my wife brought me back here. It is still one of the most vivible towns
in Austria and I think because of it's variety also one of the best towns to live in.
I design trails, am a licensed guide to show you the city, as well as a traveler who loves to
explore new things. Play my Secret City Trail to discover hidden gems and beautiful places in Salzburg.



Servus! My name is Theo and the pretty girl on the left is my dog Bella. I was born and raised in Austria, I enjoy good puzzles – and I’ve always loved to show my friends from abroad. Why’s that, you ask? Well, because I think Austria is not only amazingly beautiful but also full of surprises! Being an avid traveller myself, I know that the best way to get to know the place beyond all the clichés is to find a local who will show you nice spots that you can’t find in guidebooks – including some nice places to enjoy the local cuisine and drinks. If that’s your kind of thing, play my Secret City Trail and discover Vienna off the beaten path



My name is Inge, I am a Dutchie living in Milan. Not because I fell in love with an Italian, but with the city. Milan is often still seen as the city of fashion and design, but it has so much more to offer! I’d like you to discover this during my trail in Milan or play the trails in my favorite destinations for the weekend: Como and Bellagio


Milan, Como and Bellagio (lake Como)

Hi! We are Inês (Portuguese) and Chris (Spanish). When we are not travelling and telling all about it in our travel blog, Randomtrip, we are exploring our base and favourite city in the world: Lisbon. We are in love with this city and you can now discover our favourite spots in Lisbon city center (Baixa and Alfama), in Belém and off-the-beaten-track places in our neighborhood with our Arroios trail. Prepare yourself for learning about Portuguese culture and history, to embrace new experiences in the best cultural hotspots in the city and watch an amazing sunset grabbing a beer in our favourite viewpoints.

Chris & Inês

Lisbon, RandomTrip

Hello 🙂 I’m Nevin I was born and raised in Kilkenny. After many years of adventures I am now back living in this beautiful Medieval City. I am a professional magician, entertainer and also own and run a local guided tour business Shenanigans Walks which has just been voted TripAdvisors Traveller Choice award as the best thing to do in all of Ireland 2021. Kilkenny has so many incredible sites and stories and my first tour of Kilkenny will unlock many of these secrets. Play my first game I hope you have as much fun as I did creating it. ENJOY!



Sveiki! We are two friends, Zanda and Iveta. We’ve been avid travellers for years ourselves, and love to share this passion for adventure with fellow travellers. We both are Riga city guides and keep discovering hidden pearls here on a daily basis. So, when you are done with our first gamified Riga route, be sure, we’re working on new ones.

Zanda & Iveta


Hello there! If you’re reading my intro I hope it is because you’re traveling to Athens and looking for a new and fun way to explore this great city. Welcome! I’m Elena, a food and travel writer with a passion for exploring destinations and their culinary history. So are you ready? Grab your phone and a comfortable pair of walking shoes and follow my Secret City Trail of historic Athens. Let the game begin!



I’m Nicole and I’m from Cyprus – as a friend once said, a pinch of sun in cloudy Copenhagen. But don’t listen to that, Copenhagen is always beautiful! I work with sustainability education, I love food and can get easily excited by green solutions. Follow my Secret Trail around Nørrebro – the hippiest and most hipster neighbourhood all at once – which I call home since 2015.



Hey, I am Kate! I’m an expat currently living in Malmö but lived in nearby Tallinn and Vilnius before. Travel and photography are my passions, and making people smile makes me happy. I want to share my experience, love and my favourite places with you! Play one of my games in the historic heart of Malmö, Tallinn or Vilnius


Malmö, Tallinn and Vilnius

My name is Tatjana and I am the founder of Explore Serbia, an organisation that promotes adventure travel in Serbia and the Balkans. I am a curious person always looking for something new. I have been living in Belgrade for a while now! It is the city of atmosphere and burning history. Throughout my game, you will explore its downtown, learn fascinating facts and hear inspiring stories. Play, enjoy and have fun! 😊



Hi, my name is Fleur. I was born in 1997 and always LOVED to play and create so I hope you enjoy my walks as much as I do! I was born and raised in The Hague but living in Amsterdam for 8 years now; the city is so beautiful and is like a museum; there is so much history here but also written every single day. I am also a BIG TIME FOODIE and therefore my walks will have a lot of such recommendations ;-). But who does not like food? Please don’t forget to enjoy some fantastic ‘bitterballen’ and tasty ‘oude kaas’ while you’re here, you cannot miss it! 

Fleur Baak

Amsterdam & Haarlem

I’m Margherita and urban nomad in love with travelling and adventuring. I also love sharing my insights, tips and tricks to discovering a city that I know well. I’m happy to introduce you to Venice, through some of its historic and more modern sites. Play my first game here!



We live by the motto ‘work hard, play hard’. After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than a challenging and fun game! Join us to discover our favourite city: Delft.

Vera & Jasper


There’s nothing I love more than a good riddle—except maybe Madrid! My goal is to share this incredible city and its history, culture, and food with visitors, whether in person or through Secret City Trails. Take our Grand Tour of Madrid to discover it for yourself!

(Melissa also shared a few extra secrets of Madrid on our blog)



Hey there! I’m Amanda Backes, a world travel blogger and the world is my playground, as you can check out on Amanda Sem Fronteiras’ channels! Being a huge fan of our planet, I’d love to take you with me on this journey of discovery, sharing my recommendations and favourite spots in a fun and challenging way! Are you ready to become a playful explorer? Check out my games in Porto and have a great time!



Peter Pan says “never grow up”, I say just don’t stop playing! The adventure of the unknown, the excitement of finding what you’re looking for, together with your friends. I want to take you on a playful adventure in my favourite city and hometown, The Hague.


The Hague

Hello! We’re Kristina & Wendy. In 2016, we founded Secret City Trails as a side project. Today we work with all the creative people on this page to bring you discovery adventures all over Europe (and beyond!). We simply LOVE creating playful experiences for you that take you to places you didn’t know existed. We pride ourselves in telling you cool and curious stories. We want you to be able to enjoy our discovery experiences on your own time and at your own pace. We made over 40 games in more than 10 cities. So what are you waiting for, play a ‘Secret City Trails Original’ in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Bratislava, Cologne, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Porto, San Sebastian, Vienna.

Secret City Trail founders


My name is Marc. I am a local tour guide by day in Venice. And by night I am a musician! Play my Venice adventures to see the city through my eyes and unlock some local legends. 



Hi! I’m Rodrigo, from Portugal. I love to read and write about everything! For me, discovery games are a fascinating way to tell the stories of a place and its people. Besides getting to know the top attractions and main history, you’ll notice even the interesting, little details that only a local person would know. If you’re a restless traveller and an extremely curious person like me, you’ll have lots of fun doing the Sintra secret trails.



My name is Marija. I am an expat who came to Ljubljana eight years ago. Want to know what kept me here for so long? Play my city adventure to find out!



Hi! I’m Ľudmila, a Slovak girl who fell in love with Prague. I am a freelance photographer. I usually photograph tourists in Prague, and love showing them around. I’m a traveler myself – and when I’m abroad, I enjoy getting to know the real vibe of the city. These simple reasons are behind me joining the Secret City Trails – so hope you enjoy my self-guided game through Vršovice, Vinohrady & Žižkov!



Hi there! I’m Jonah – a Londoner born and raised who loves my city, and wants to share some of the coolest local spots and the fascinating history behind so many of them! Don’t expect the info to be handed on a plate though… I hope you like a challenge while discovery more about Piccadilly circus and Whitehall!



Hello there! My name is Jill and I love living in Brussels! I am originally from Flanders but I feel like a ‘Brusseleir’ after more than a decade in the capital of Europe. Check out my first game in the neighbourhood of Sainte-Catherine.



Hi, I’m Esther! Dutch origins, but been living and working in Florence since 2017. Moving to Florence was a longtime dream coming true and I’m still loving it as much as on the very first day I got here. I love sharing my love for the city with others and have a huge passion for history and art history, as well as for food and wine. Hence why I moved to Italy…! I run Details of Florence, working as a tour leader, organising city walks and writing for different blogs and guide books. This trail is another super fun way to discover the city and learn a bit more about it’s impressive history. Have fun exploring!



Hello, I’m Suus! Have been living in Utrecht for 35 years but love to continue exploring ‘my city’. Wow what a beautiful places it has; Our famous Dom tower, the old town, the canals and all those cozy restaurants and shops. In my trail through Utrecht I’ve shared some of them. Have fun playing!



Hoi, I am Mark. I was born (in the end of the eighties) and raised in Amsterdam. As a local from the city I like to show you the nicest and secret places in Amsterdam. I love board games, puzzles and good food and hope you enjoy my discovery walks in Amsterdam too. 


¡Hola! I am Renske, and on my first visit to Barcelona I absolutely felt in love with the city. Now, 15 years later I work here as a tour guide, and want travellers to feel the same butterflies as they explore the city. Barcelona has such a rich history and is full of hidden gems, waiting for you to be discovered. I invite you to stroll through one of the most authentic and vibrant neigborhoods of the city with my trail through Barceloneta.



Hi, we are Svenja and Pekka! We love traveling and discovering new places. In the first year of our relationship, we had already visited nine different countries. Traveling got even more fun after we discovered Secret City Trails and we started seeing our own city with different eyes! We hope that you will have a good time in Tampere while playing our game!

Svenja and Pekka


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