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We are 3 explorers who constantly discover new things. We will take you places you would never find on your own. Get lost and found in Prague with us!

Katechka, Martin and Terka


Hi! My name is Vincenzo and I live in Puglia with my wife Cindy 🙂 I have lived in many countries around the world (South America, Asia, US and Middle East). I love travelling and being curious so I have opened a tour operator in Puglia and Matera welcoming people who want to drive around the region with made-in-Italy cars. I have been crafting itineraries starting from the city of Bari and its old town. I warmly welcome you to visit Puglia and Matera, really cool and authentic destinations! Play my Bari adventure



We are Maria, Tomas and Zuzana – local Bratislava bloggers pointing our readers in the right direction and introducing them to the must-see places and things to do in Bratislava – so they can experience the beauty of our city to the fullest. Don’t miss our game and explore Bratislava through our eyes, visit our favourite places, hidden gems and learn cool facts and urban legends about the beauty on the Danube.

Maria, Tomas and Zuzana


As a tour guide I like creating interesting tours with some extras… I have lived in Amsterdam for 20 years and know my way around craft beers and historic sights. Will you join me on my adventure? Play my game



I’m Kateryna from Ukraine. I’m a local tour guide in Kyiv and Ukraine as a whole. I love travelling and exploring countries, cities, towns and villages. I love quests, riddles, and different games connected with architecture and all things historical. Check out my first game in Kyiv and learn all about its history. Let’s begin and good luck to you! 😉



My name is Marija. I am an expat who came to Ljubljana eight years ago. Want to know what kept me here for so long? Play my city adventure to find out!



My name is Justyna and I am a huge fan of the history of Warsaw and the history of Poland as a whole. I love discovering new unknown places in the city! Our city has experienced so many unfortunate moments in history, on my route, you’ll learn more about these stories. Play my Warsaw game



My name is Marc. I am a local tour guide by day in Venice. And by night I am a musician! Play my Venice adventures to see the city through my eyes and unlock some local legends. 



Hi! I’m Rodrigo, from Portugal. I love to read and write about everything! For me, discovery games are a fascinating way to tell the stories of a place and its people. Besides getting to know the top attractions and main history, you’ll notice even the interesting, little details that only a local person would know. If you’re a restless traveller and an extremely curious person like me, you’ll have lots of fun doing the Sintra secret trails.



I came to Amsterdam as a foreign expat, but quickly decided to stick around. Want to find out why? Try my (architectural) Amsterdam adventure!



As a lover of urban adventures, I’m excited to show you Sofia’s historic and modern sides. Play my first adventure here



An Englishman and a Dutchie: Friends working in tourism and living in the Alps, not far from Munich. Living in the mountains is very nice and quiet, but the Austrian alps don’t really have big cities to counter this. Munich has been our favourite getaway for many years now and we would like you to discover this beautiful city our way. Follow our interesting and historical Secret City Trail and discover Munich from a different perspective.

Max & Ray


My design goal is to, like Robbie sings, “Let me entertain you”!

Play my Rotterdam game.



Children live in a world full of magic and mystery. I want to take you there, into a fairy-tale microcosm where only your fantasy can find the way out!

Play my Berlin adventure!



Peter Pan says “never grow up”, I say just don’t stop playing! The adventure of the unknown, the excitement of finding what you’re looking for, together with your friends. I want to take you on a playful adventure in my favourite city and hometown, The Hague, in the beautiful capital of my country Amsterdam or the city that has the most hidden secrets of all, Rome.


The Hague

I am an Australian living and working in Singapore. Over the past 3 years I have enjoyed exploring every corner of Singapore, from the temples, museums and gardens to the almost endless restaurants and cafes. I love nothing more than heading out on a Sunday morning with nothing more than my MRT (train ticket) pass and my insatiable sense of adventure and fun. My first game and is located in my own backyard of Kampong Glam.


Ensuring that you will learn about the culture, history, and the incredible food scene, I had a ball creating this adventure and hope that you will come to love the area as much as I do!


As an escape room/riddle solving/scavenger hunt enthusiast that loves to travel, I’m proud to present our hidden gem city adventure of my favourite city in the world: Madrid!



Olá, my name is Danielle! It was a custard tart that made me leave my office job. I loved what I was doing. But that pastry? It changed my life… After that first creamy bite, I packed my bags. I moved to Lisbon. That’s when things got interesting (& delicious…). I connected with my Portuguese heritage (I was born on a small ocean island first settled by Portuguese traders), and more importantly — great food and wine. I’ve hunted through humid tasca kitchens, sweet smelling bakeries, and sun soaked wineries to discover the best kept secrets of the city. I hope to share these delicious secrets with you. Play my foodie trail in Lisbon



Hey! I am Rebecca and I am the manager of Urban Adventures in Greece, an award-winning responsible and ethical tour company. Together with my team of locals and expats who have lived in the city for many years, we run mainstream and alternative tours in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and Santorini. Our goal is it to show our city from a local’s perspective and share the real places with our visitors. Play our first game in Athens, have fun!



I’m a driven human being and a total Lisbomaniac. Based in Portugal for last 5 years I love discovering and sharing stories and places in Lisbon. Love connecting with others and trying to make a positive change in the world. Wanna walk with me through exquisite cemeteries and forgotten gardens? Play my Lisbon riddle game.



I am the Founder of Respond on Demand, a company promoting Greek tourism to travel agents abroad and co-founder of Top Tourism, a non-profit company promoting Greek tourism and culture. I’m also ambassador for Greece to the World Food Travel Association. I hope you enjoy my short riddle adventure in Thessaloniki!



Hello! Nikhil here. Born and raised in Malta, I am into sports, events management and travelling – and must admit that I spend a little too much time and money in both! (with no regrets….eventually!) 🙂 One thing I seek to do when travelling is getting to know a city like a local, discover the side streets and secret hangout spots that are off the usual tourist trails. So I thought why not do the same for Malta? Check out my trail for the city of Valletta and discover its history, panoramic views and narrow streets!



I’m Margherita and urban nomad in love with travelling and adventuring. I also love sharing my insights, tips and tricks to discovering a city that I know well. I’m happy to introduce you to Venice, through some of its historic and more modern sites. Play my first game here!



Creativity is my job, travel is my passion, let me take you inside my world into fun adventures. Let’s learn, discover and celebrate. Come play my game in Le Marais.



My name is Mariannka and my ultimate life goal is to crack the unbearable ease of being of a three-year old child. My hobbies are: theatre, psychology, saving the world, being late, hairless cats, talking to strangers on public transport. I especially enjoy the last one. Check out my first game in Barcelona – about the secret sins of this town…



A born and bred Muscovite, I’m an art historian. I love the fusion of architecture that Moscow has become. With my expert insight you will unlock little known facts about buildings that shape this vibrant megapolis – and find the cool places to wander around when discovering the Russian capital. Play my Moscow adventure



Hi guys, friends call me Andy. So, call me Andy:-) When I am not busy by building an insurtech startup, I enjoy travelling around the world and especially cities of Europe. When I found this cool project I knew I had to prepare something in my home city! Prague is awesome, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Play my adventure through Mala Strana



Rome is not like any other city. It’s a big museum, a living room that shall be crossed on one’s toes.” I want you to discover my city as no other, apart from all the highlights… The charm of Rome lays in the small cosy alleys, the stories and the immense culture. After this Secret Trail, I assure you, you are in love as well!



We live by the motto ‘work hard, play hard’. After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than a challenging and fun game! Join us to discover our favourite city: Delft.

Vera & Jasper


There’s nothing I love more than a good riddle—except maybe Madrid! My goal is to share this incredible city and its history, culture, and food with visitors, whether in person or through Secret City Trails. Take our Grand Tour of Madrid to discover it for yourself!



Hey there! I’m Amanda Backes, a world travel blogger and the world is my playground, as you can check out on Amanda Sem Fronteiras’ channels! Being a huge fan of our planet, I’d love to take you with me on this journey of discovery, sharing my recommendations and favourite spots in a fun and challenging way! Are you ready to become a playful explorer? Check out my games in Porto and have a great time!



I would love to bring more play into the every day life. With Secret City Trails you can start discovering mystery and wonder of the normal urban fabric.

Play my discovery game in Rotterdam.



As a passionate game builder, I am happy to introduce you to the following:

“People describe me as cryptical, interactive, creative, inspiring and unique,
I can be hard to find and not everybody knows about me yet,
You can explore me in a small country called The Netherlands…..

Surprise! I am the Secret City Trail in The Hague that likes to be played by you!”

Have a fun and playful day!


The Hague

I love seeking out the hidden gems and lesser-known places in the city, and sharing the local stories that bring my hometown to life.

Unlock the secrets of my city on a playful discovery adventure in London!



It’s basically as if you’d be one of my good friends coming to visit; I’d bring you to my favourite spots of the old city. Enjoy the trail and the stories, my friend!


Palma de Mallorca

Hello! We’re Kristina & Wendy. In 2016, we founded Secret City Trails as a side project. Today we work with all the creative people on this page to bring you discovery adventures all over Europe (and beyond!). We simply LOVE creating playful experiences for you that take you to places you didn’t know existed. We pride ourselves in telling you cool and curious stories. We want you to be able to enjoy our discovery experiences on your own time and at your own pace. We made over 40 games in more than 10 cities. So what are you waiting for, play a ‘Secret City Trail Original’ in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Bratislava, Cologne, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Porto, San Sebastian, Vienna.

Kristina & Wendy


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