Are you looking for ideas for a family day out in Amsterdam? Get inspired by these seven activities for kids and their parents to have fun together in the capital of the Netherlands.

1. Get hands-on in museum for children

To enjoy a fun cultural experience for “kinderen” and grown ups alike, visit the Netherland’s first children’s museum, Tropenmuseum Junior.  As the museum’s collection is guided by a principle of learning by experiencing, get ready for your senses to be stimulated. As you whet your appetite for discovery, have a go at our Amsterdam East: multicultural secrets game – you’ll explore the secrets of the neighbourhood by solving cryptic puzzles.

2. Play hide and seek in the Amstelpark

For some relaxed outdoor time, make your way to a picturesque park alongside the river Amstel. Once your kids run out of perfect hideaways in the hedge maze, they can visit a farm to pet and feed farm animals, play mini-golf, or take a cute miniature train across the enormous park. Grown ups can enjoy all of that too and you’ll be happy to hear there are several botanic gardens, a café, a restaurant, and two galleries on the ground as well.

3. Hop on the Pancake Boat

Need to break for some food, but there’s still so much to see? No need to choose – board the Pannenkoekenboot and enjoy tasty pancakes as you enjoy the views from the city’s famous waterways. For a set price, you can have as many pancakes as you wish, and we all know it’s not just the little ones who enjoy this delicious Dutch snack! 😉

4. Go on a playful scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Turn your family into a team of adventurers following a path of riddles to unlock Amsterdam’s secrets at your own pace. Our top picks for families include a local culture riddle trail in Amsterdam’s Jordaan (can you spot miniature canal houses?) and a walking tour of the best local spots in Amsterdam’s City Centre (with a recommended break in the city’s most curious cafes). If you’d like to get a taste of the experience, try out a teaser game in the City Centre. You’ll be pleased to hear that rather than paying for each player, you only pay a set price for the team. Another great news is that if you don’t manage to complete the trail of riddles in one day, the link for the game is valid for two weeks from the moment you start playing.

5. Get exhausted with outdoor fun

From football fields to large sand pits, climbing slides and a range of swings, UJ Klaren playground has it all. Your kids will be filled with joy and out of energy by the end of playtime – perfect for a good night of sleep and a timeout for the parents 😉

6. Unleash your inner geek

If your children fancy scientific trivia, they’ll love visiting NEMO Science Museum. What’s on the agenda? Experiencing the Sensational Science, having a go at a Laboratory with lab coat and glasses on, or demystifying teenage hormone mysteries. Make sure to go to the rooftop of the museum (for free!) to enjoy the breathtaking view of Amsterdam.

7. Find hidden gems in a forest

Nature time! If you have a day to spare, take a trip to the Amsterdam Forest – also known as Amsterdamse Bos – located on the outskirts of the city. This large park is a perfect spot for a stroll and a picnic, but there are plenty of other activities to choose from: watersports, cheese farms, or even horse riding. And yes, you can play a discovery game there too! Turn this family day into a real adventure by taking the Amsterdam Forest: trees, pancakes and goats trail where you’ll find unique spots and intriguing mysteries (extra fun if you decide to cycle!).

Written by travellers Tatiana Bernardes and Inês Lopes.

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