When exploring a new city, a local’s recommendations are priceless. We want to share some of that travel gold with you by introducing one of our wonderful game builders.

Rebecca is the mastermind behind our secret trail in Athens. How come she knows all those incredible hidden spots and fascinating stories? Born and raised in Athens, Rebecca has been in love with the city since she was a little girl. No surprise that today she runs local tours in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and Santorini. Read on to find out about her favourite places and latest discoveries in the city.

Hello, Rebecca! Or actually… how do you greet a friend where you live?
Gia sou from Athens!

What’s this unusual spot in Athens you sent us a picture of?
It’s a themed cafe called Little Cook. In case you wonder about the umbrellas, the theme is Mary Poppins, but it changes every few months.

As an urban treasure hunter, you probably keep on finding new hidden gems. What’s your most recent discovery in your city?
Completely by accident I found a cosy rooftop with a fantastic view of the Acropolis. It’s called Loukoumi Bar and it’s located close to the Flea Market.

What’s your favourite meal of the day and where do you go to make that meal extra indulgent? What’s your top pick from the menu?
I would choose to be having dinner with all my friends, preferably in the taverna on my street called Kapetan Michalis (Καπετάν Μιχάλης). Must order for me: FAVA and of course some λευκό κρασί (white wine)! Also, when you have a chance, try Loukoumades, a traditional sweet from Greece.

Yum! Now we know where to dine like locals. If you have a group of friends visiting in Athens, where do you take them to fall in love with the city?
Lycabettus Hill by sunset or one of the many rooftop bars around Monastiraki.

And once the friends are gone and you need some quiet and focused time to catch up with yourself, where do you go?
TAF foundation for Freddo espresso (cold coffee).

Yikes! We have just one photo left on a film in the camera…From where do we snap a stunning view of Athens?
Lycabettus Hill or Acropolis!

Speaking of photos, what’s the most recent picture in Athens you took and what’s the story behind it?
Sunset sky over Athens’s streets! My favourite time of the day is when the sun is beginning to set and the city lights start to shine. I love to enjoy the views while having a walk along the city’s bustling streets during this magical moment.

Now imagine: a surprise long weekend appears in your calendar and a couple of tickets to any European destination land in your mailbox… where do you go on an adventurous city break?
, because its beauty never ceases to amaze me!

One last question, but no spoilers, please! What’s your favourite riddle on the trail you’ve built in Athens?
Can you find the tunnel of pleasure?

Ready to enjoy Athens like a local?

It’s gonna be fun.