Recent players recommend our cryptic trails

We believe our trails are a wicked and wonderful way to discover and experience a city, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear and read what our recent players have to say about their experience:

“For me it was a really nice experience. As a local I didn’t expect Amsterdam to have so many beautiful spots I had never seen before. Would definitely recommend it!”
– Arjen from the Netherlands, played the City Centre Trail

“If you are looking for a different way to explore a city that includes creativity and team work, this is definitely something worth trying out.”
– Jasmine from Sweden, played the City Centre Trail

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“It’s great to see so many details of the historical Jordaan area in Amsterdam. You see the city in a totally different way. Very fun way to explore the city!”
– Jacco from the Netherlands, played the Jordaan Trail

“It is a pretty original way to spend an afternoon walking around outside. You get to solve puzzles, speak with locals and pay attention to details in the city I had never seen. It can be a bit challenging at times but then the feeling of solving something kicks in and it leaves a good mark. I wish there was something like this in my home town.”
– Joao from Portugal, played the Jordaan Trail

Recommended by Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine

Secret City Trails were recommended as number 9 attraction in Amsterdam this summer by the German edition of Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine.

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