Here’s the most common questions you have asked us. Email us at hello@secretcitytrails.com for any other questions.

Will my phone work with Secret City Trails?

All our games are played via our web app, no downloads are needed, you can simply use your unique link in your web browser on your smartphone. Data is needed. Approximately 2MB per game.

How much does data cost?

When playing a discovery game via our web app, you need to use your phone provider’s data. Prices differ per provider. Great news for all of you using a European provider as data prices in Europe are now the same as in your country of residency (there are some exceptions).

When can I play Secret City Trails?

All of our trails can be played every day of the week unless stated otherwise on the page of the specific game you select to play. In case it starts raining (this may happen in a place like Amsterdam), and you want to hide in a cosy cafe, you can continue playing the game where you left off until 7 days from the day you started.

If we play with multiple teams, will we follow each other?

Teams usually separate quickly as people solve clues at their own pace, however we do recommend starting a trail at 5-10-minute intervals if you want to be certain you won’t follow each other.

Are you paid by the cafes and shops along the trail?

We are not paid by any of the spots we recommend along the trail – we simply think they are great and want you to discover them too!

We want to organise a special event and play a customised experience. Can we set this up?

Yes, we absolutely can! Please check our team building page or email us hello@secretcitytrails.com to discuss the options.

How do I stay updated about new trails?

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and join our mailing list.

How can I get involved?

We’re regularly looking for people to test our (new) games. Send us an email to find out more.

How do I bring Secret City Trails to my city?

Let us know if you would like to see our trails in your city! We are always open to exploring new possibilities.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Find our Terms & Conditions here.