Did you know that playing games increase creativity, improves collaboration and boosts productivity?


It has been scientifically proven that play increases our creativity, boosts our productivity and reduces stress. On top of that, play requires collaboration.

Our city discovery games are available in 10 cities across Europe. We can advise you how best to organise your activity and suggest a place near the end of the route to celebrate together.

If you’re looking for something customised, for example a playful trail that starts and ends in a location that fits your programme, get in touch.

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Play with us!

Play any of our existing city games in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Bratislava, Cologne, Geneva, Haarlem, Lisbon, San Sebastian or Vienna and put your collaboration skills to the test! See all games here.

We recommend teams of up to 5 people – and starting at 5-minute intervals. Our games are played via a web app, which means it looks like an app, but you don’t have to download anything – and it works in any smartphone’s browser. As soon as a team hits the Play Now button in the web app, the clock starts ticking. At the end of the adventure, you’ll see how long you took to complete the route – so you’ll be able to know which team cracked all clues the fastest.

As an example, if you’re playing with 50 people, in teams of 5, all you need to do is buy the game of your choice 10 times and you’ll receive 10 individual emails with unique links to play the game. You can pass on these emails to the team captains – one per team. The games are to be played on one phone per team only.

Secret City Trails is an affordable and dynamic tool that helped in bringing our programme participants together and showing them a bit of the city and it’s history at the same time.  It was a huge success amongst the participants who got to know their teammates that much better while seeing a side of Lisbon they had not experienced.


Programme Manager, Startup Lisboa

Teaming up to solve fun and interesting riddles whilst getting a real grasp of the city was our ideal choice to spend the afternoon in Amsterdam – thanks to Secret City Trails.


Coordinator, Boston Consulting Group

Create a customised experience with us

Looking for something more bespoke? We offer various levels of customisation. From tweaking our existing games to reflect your branding to a fully customised game where you define your start and end location as well as the duration of the experience.

We create customised games for team building days, museum discovery and brand engagement. In the case of customisation, the stories and recommendations teams unlock while cracking the clues, can also be bespoke to your audience.

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