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Playful discovery

Our mission is to inspire playful city discovery. We do this by offering cryptic games in cities all over Europe. During our games you solve a trail of riddles and unlock forgotten stories as well as local recommendations.

We dare to say that each of our experiences will take you discovering places you didn’t know existed. You’ll notice details in the city that you would have otherwise easily missed.

Our games are played via a web app that works in any smartphone’s browser. You don’t have to download anything. All trails are text based only, so you’ll be immersed in looking up and around, instead of down at your phone.

We believe our discovery games are a playful, independent, authentic and affordable alternative to regular city discovery activities (i.e. guided (walking) tours).

Curious about our urban adventures, have a look at our discovery games here.

Our story

Secret City Trails was started by Kristina (Slovak) and Wendy (Dutch). We are passionate about travelling, exploring new places and creating unique experiences. On top of that, we care deeply about bringing more playfulness into our lives and that of all adults. Being playful has proven to be good for our health as it increases well-being – it also boosts our creativity and productivity.

One quote on playfulness has been particularly inspiring to us while building our venture, it’s by the Greek philosopher Plato, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation.” All we can say is, put his wisdom to the test and play one of our cryptic city games with someone who you’d like to get to know a little better.

Let’s chat!

Want to get involved in growing our business, build your own game(s), work with us to create playful experiences, or want to chat for any other reason? Learn more about creating city discovery games for us or email us at hello@secretcitytrails.com, or give us a call/send us a text/Whatsapp message at +31618633707 (Wendy) or +31650516993 (Kristina).

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