Geneva’s Lake Area: green spaces and curious statues

created by Kristina & Wendy
3 reviews


Discover green spaces and curious statues, enjoy the wonderful lakeside and learn about watches and wander around an art exhibition. While solving our 8 riddles, you’ll unlock short stories.
This short trail includes a boat ride – the ticket price for this ride is approximately 2 euros per person and not included in the price of this game. 
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8 riddles.
45 minutes – 1 hour.

Start at the intersection of Place du Molard and Rue de Marche, next to a fountain.
End near Geneva’s flower clock.

Highlights: The beautiful lake area. Curious statues, for example of empress Sisi. The very famous flower clock!

Play 7 days a week, starting between 9:00 – 17:00.


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3 reviews for Geneva’s Lake Area: green spaces and curious statues

  1. DMA Family


  2. Team 1

    It was a bit difficult but it was fun
    It was a bit windy but we did it.

  3. Team GMW

    interesting, fun, exciting

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