Paella. Jamon Iberico. Tortilla Española. Calamari. We love the food in Spain! Here’s our selection of 7 foodie secrets that can be found across Barcelona. Go try out their delicious dishes! For more, play any of our Barcelona Discovery Games.


We love this taberna! Llamber is a gastronomic spot that mixes traditional Asturian cuisine with fine dining. The food is fresh and locally produced. Their incredible wine list has 30 different wines by the glass. Yum!
Neighbourhood: Born


Bicnic is a trendy spot that was established by a team from a restaurant called Betlem. The modern restaurant is divided into two sections. Fast and slow. Fast serves more simple dishes, for instance, tuna ceviche. On the slow side, we recommend getting comfy and enjoy a long meal.
Neighbourhood: Eixample


Polleria Fontana is a tapas bar located in Gracia one of our favourite Barcelona neighbourhoods! Nil Ros opened this place in honour of his grandparents who staffed poultry between 1937 and 1997. To this date, they use the recipes of Nil’s grandmother, putting on traditional Catalan dishes.
Neighbourhood: Gracia


As the name suggests, this is heaven for Tiramisu lovers. This stylish coffee shop with its own bakery in Gracia offers a cosy and welcoming vibe. Their focaccias and dishes are filled with nutrients. They also, have vegan and gluten-free options on their menu. Play our Secrets of Gracia game.
Neighbourhood: Gracia


7 Portes is one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona. The interior is elegant 19th-century style and seven doors open into the same amount of dining salons. At 7 Portes you’ll enjoy regional dishes, and a daily paella!
Neighbourhood: Barceloneta


Can Vilaró serves classic and authentic dishes, you can almost imagine a local grandmother making it for you (yes, we admit it, there may be a bit of pattern here – we just love our grandmother’s food so seek out places that remind us of it!). The friendly staff will make you feel like you’re having a cosy dinner at home!
Neighbourhood: El Raval


Spanish food is super tasty, but so is food from other countries! Poké Maoli is Barcelona’s first takeaway Poke place. These fresh and healthy Poké bowls originally come from Hawaii. You can make your own bowl and select your preferred fresh fish and fresh veggies. Perfect for a takeaway lunch / dinner on the beach, as Poke Maoli is right by Barceloneta’s beach. Play our Barceloneta green and healthy hidden gems game.
Neighbourhood: Barceloneta

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